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Rachel Besser is the Fashion Market Editor at Refinery29, a video host and producer, a writer, and a stylist.

She is the fashion voice for the company, an expert in trend reporting, and leads the charge on trend forecasting. Prior to her current role as Fashion Market Editor, she was in charge of the styling department at Refinery29, overseeing all editorial shoots. Rachel also produces and hosts video content for Refinery29. Before R29, Rachel held positions at Vogue Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, and Fader Magazine to name a few. She has also learned the ins and outs of the fashion industry from a non-editorial POV by working to help small fashion labels turn into big name brands. Rachel is also a muse for Prada, as her face appeared on Prada's runway and clothing for its Spring 2014 collection. 

Graduating Magna Cum Laude from NYU, Rachel earned a degree in Media, Culture, and Communications. She knew she wanted to work in the fashion industry not just because she's always loved clothes, but because she was fascinated by personal style as a reflection of the cultural zeitgeist. She wanted to have a first-hand look at a medium that has and will continue to dictate so much about who people are as individuals, as groups, as countries, etc., and how people employ this medium to send messages to the world about who they are. She is passionate about how culture affects media (especially in regards to fashion) and how fashion affects and also represents culture.

Aside from her career in fashion, Rachel is a huge sports fanatic, a major basketball fan (she started the March Madness betting pool at Refinery29 because really, every company should have one) and is a tomboy at heart. While she has hosted a lot of fashion-based video content, her favorite on-camera experience was hosting a red carpet segment at the ESPY awards. She has also hosted a Fantasy Football Video Series. You will see Rachel rockin' sneakers any day of the week.